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Our Scholarship Matters

It all started with a simple idea. Things I found problematic could transfer into messages and principles to pass on. What has long been a pestering problem to me is marginalization. Throughout my life, I’ve always had little tolerance for anyone not being in the full-fold of participation or seeing positive affirmations of self. During my formative years as a student and later as an educator, there have been too many examples of little humanity and a lack of inclusion throughout the educational pipeline. But academe has always been a microcosm of larger society, reflecting its best and that which is less than desirable. Anyone who knows me well, knows on any given day I am likely to be my own walking billboard! Donning a t-shirt with espoused values that I hold dear such as the power of education to elevate and fostering diverse voices in the academy. It is not a well-kept secret that I am an aficionado of the t-shirt and raising awareness. Subsequently, the Our Scholarship Matters line was born. OSM products intentionally broaden awareness by promoting diversity, extolling voices that have been minoritized, particularly seeking to affirm and uplift scholars and practitioners of color. OSM endeavors to reinforce messages that inspire, inform, empower and appreciate OUR beautiful and broad collective.